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Do you feel unsafe in your current work environment? Do you think your employer is treating you unfairly? Retain a workplace discrimination attorney in Chula Vista, California to defend your rights. The Law Offices Of Roy Kohler has extensive experience helping clients achieve the justice they deserve. You can count on attorney Kohler to work toward the best possible outcome for your case.

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Attorney Kohler handles many types of workplace cases

Attorney Kohler handles many types of workplace cases

Don't try to resolve your legal issue on your own-let our lead employment attorney help. Attorney Kohler takes cases involving:

  • Workplace Discrimination
    Age | Gender | Ethnicity | Skin color | Mental or physical disability
  • Wage Payment Cases
    Unjust wages | Overtime | Interest
  • Workplace Discipline Cases
    Progressive discipline | Suspension | Demotion | Written reprimands

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